The Roommate – Bear Film Review

Hey you xxx. How have I been? Swell hun thanks. You always know how to brighten up my blog days. And Xmas is coming! Guess what I got you – an early Christmas present! I know, I shouldn’t have.

So here’s the review…

I can think of many great films I’ve seen over the years that were slow builders in suspense and kept you guessing throughout.

The Roommate was not one of them.

Sure it kept me guessing, but for all the wrong reasons. I want to know what was going through the director’s head when he saw the first 30 minutes of this steaming pile of TV movie yawn-fest, because NOTHING happens until we get to this part. All we know is that we have a female lead character, moving into a university, she has two friends, a love interest, and a roommate. That is all. 30 minutes never to get back in my life. Thanks.

The rest of the film is about how this leading protagonist is completely oblivious to her roommates psychotic behaviour. This roommate of hers is a pretty blonde girl who seems to admire her somewhat, a bit too much. She is the jealous type who rips belly piercings out from your friends when they’re in the shower, invites you to her parents house without letting them know, introduces you to old friends who were never really friends, who stabs your ex boyfriend with a stanley knife just to keep him from bugging you (that O’ chestnut!), and gets a tattoo of your name in the same spot on her body where you got a tattoo in memory of your dead sister… and tells you that we can be sisters?!? Don’t believe me – watch the film, at your peril (cos it is shit). But yes, she is indeed more barmier that  your nan on acid dancing to Glenn Miller.

I was a bit offended by the film in the end actually. It’s a bland piece of cake to swallow granted, but what rubbed me the wrong way the most was that they end up killing her. She needed help, not a stanley in the back! And the main girl in this film is a constant idiot for not telling her roommate to take her anti-psychotic pills. The mother told her about it and she STILL didn’t do anything about it, deciding to turn a blind eye. Okay, I’m aware that she nearly kills you in the end, but surely you and your new love interest – who also knows she is either schizophrenic or bi-polar (as her medication bottle says) – could have restrained her. It was two against one, and one of you was a jock!

In Conclusion

Dull as dishwater! If you like that, you’re in for a treat.

Sadly, I am not a fan of dishwater, and never have been. I guess there was one time when I washed this mug after accidentally leaving on the windowsill of a week… that was interesting to clean, and dare I say more enjoyable that having to endure this film, The Roommate. (Eureka!). I mean, even the title is void of imagination, and I’m beginning to think it is my own fault for even choosing to watch it. Damn this irrational brainbox of mine.

I’ll stop there because I think I’ve sold it enough for you.

Have fun. x