The Fi”X”ed Factor Final

This is my X Factor UK Grand Final RANT DIARY! If you feel like typing some of your own quick rants/comments at the bottom – feel free. Rant about whatever you like, just get it out of your system and move on to the next thing. 

Saturday 12th December 2015

So tonight on the telly was the X factor final, with Che Chesterman missing out on the last day of the show tomorrow. Boo-hoo – it’s all fixed anyhow.

Why am I saying this? I mean, isn’t it obvious? They all want Louisa Johnson to win and I have nothing against that because, out of the last three that were on that Wembley stage that night, she was by far the best singer. What needs addressing is the deliberate FAIL that went on TWICE when they put up the titles whereby the public watching on their TV sets get to see whom they are encouraged to vote for.

The first FAIL was the title roles where Louisa Johnson’s voice was put over the voting reel of both Che’s and Reggie and Bollie’s calling cards. You could hear the dampened sounds of judges/presenters laughing and the subtle sound of booing from the crowd. It was like they put someone on the mixing board in the editing room in control (it’s not rocket science to turn down a fader!!!!)

The second FAIL was the following title roles for the voting where Louisa was shown twice – once at the start of the voting titles, once at the end – with the other two acts only showing one of their performances instead of the two. Surely this is going to have a bias effect on the voting public, especially as most of those calling up will be young people whom don’t care about their parent(s) phone bills. The more time given to something, the more people are likely to buy into it (which is the whole point of this manu(x)factoring machine – to take your £$£$£$££$$).

So if you want to take a sip of Little Mix’s secret potion so that you that you can believe you can fly (and the whole Louisa as an angel in the clouds set up on stage is rather disturbing if you ask me), then be my guest.

The fact that Rod Stewart is on there says a lot about how dire the music industry has got since the turn of the 20th Century. With the decline of his once brilliant voice (you’ve lost it now, sorry Rod) and the decline of album and single sales, you’ve got legends like him (in some people’s eyes) who are veterans in this line of work whoring themselves out so that they can plug a Christmas album and tickets for their next big gig. Ticket sales now being the main source of income for these folks (even Rod Stewart and artists as big as him who no longer really need the money).

When people say that online piracy is the source of the diminished impact of music these days, I wholehearted disagree. I believe it is a corporation such as X factor and talent shows like it who bamboozle people with garbage like expertly disguised con-artists (judges who are actually just business men who care diddly squat about the music)  who have pacified the younger generation into funnelling their ambitions into poisonous narcissistic behaviours like wanting to be a pop stars

Sunday 13th December 2015

I just want real music to come back. Music where the artists all make their own music, put themselves into it instead of being pretty model actors for the opposite sex to be titillated by in the papers.

Where has the soul gone? Sure, Louisa won – shock! horror! But can you be surprised really when you hear Reggie and Barley (or whatever they’re called) sing like alley dogs to the winner’s song? I was amazed at how bad it was. Don’t believe me – look it up on YouTube if you want to run the risk of perforated eardrums. I noticed also how their mentor Cheryl only had this to say to them after that performance – “Good luck”. It was a non-contest final. A set up. How the $£%”@’ did singers such as 4th Impact not make the final? I guess it’s because they thought they wouldn’t make them the most money. They fit the bill for the happy-go-lucky theme of this series, but it seems that the moguls believe they can do less with them when marketing them as products/celebrities.

I mean no ill feeling towards these singers who enter these competitions, but what I do have a problem with is giving nations on a global scale (tailored towards the younger demographic) FALSE HOPE AND FALSE DREAMS. And I wouldn’t mind it so much if it hasn’t been going on for well over a decade now.

And did you see how Simon and Cheryl stood up before Louisa even finished her first rendition of the winner’s song? It just goes to show that they’re only in it for the money. Business is business to them, and that means sucking the money out of your banks and into their hands.


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