Sinister (Film Review)

We all love our draft box don’t we? Well I was just going through my own draft box on WordPress and came across this review. It’s a bit shabby, but I think it’s worth a browse…

A crime writer moves house to where a family were hung up on the tree to die. Hilarious how the broken branch was still there when they moved in.
Sheriff directly tells writer he should move out of this town before he destroys it will his selfish ways, referring to the ‘circus’ which I assume is slang from media, or perhaps a metaphor for the (wait for it…) sinister things that at about to happen.

When you get a box full of film evidence, what do you do: the smart, logical action, or the downright idiotic? The writer chooses the latter, and all because he has his head too far up himself to realise how much danger he is putting him, and his family in. To me, it seems like his career is paramount to him, and his family have to fall in line with his desire which is to write a second best seller.

Scorpion in attic – breaks floorboard. Latter – a snake (he falls thru ceiling. sees footage of ghost arms dragging him through) And a piece of paper of kid drawing of the death events, and the label of MR BOOGIE.

Officer so-and-so  wants to help so he can get acknowledgement in next book
Occult expert – talks to him over webvideo chat.

Pins printed vid stills – one with masked killer (he thinks) in the bushes. He holds the pic up to the window to compare it.
Boy gets night terrors (first – in box. second – in bushes outside)

Each family died, accept one missing kid. The deaths were – pool drowning, hanging tree, car fire in garage, and some others I forgot.

Why doesn’t the wife get her kids and just leave?

The occult expert tells him that the symbols he finds in the videos are indeed occult, but esoteric ones at that. People use to believe that if you copied the actions of some certain drawings, then you will take on that spirit. I dunno what that means, but what I do know is that the first drawing was of the scorpion. And then officer so-and-so (that’s the name on his phone) tells the writer that he shouldn’t have moved out of town as he has solved the pattern to the crime: after each family death, the next family death occurs when that new family moves into the dead families house, and then moves out into another. They die in the new house and the cycle continues. The writer has just been told his death, and his families.

The girl kills them with an axe and videos it all on some ancient handheld camcorder. We then see all the draws along the wall, but now they are all drawn in blood.

The film ends with the little girl being picked up by Mr Boogie, and entering the video projection screen, where she is taken down a corridor, into her eternal curse. Evil owns her soul now.

The acting was good, but the story. Hell, the story was bad. The writer and family did so many things no normal person would do. And this kind of film has been done before so many times it’s become cliché. Boring!

I enjoyed watching it though, mainly because I liked to laugh at the ridiculous storyline, so at least it kept me entertained.



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