Fargo – Season 1, Episode 5 (Review)

Kicking the fifth eppy off, we have a sequence of events, exposing to us – the beloved audience – how Lester got the shotgun. BTW – he got it in a sport’s shop. It was funny how he got suckered into buying it as well: the store owner told him to make an offer for the ‘random socks’ – there was a table full of bagged assorted socks, and some of them were men’s, some women’s, and the guy couldn’t tell Lester which were which, or if either bag contained male and female socks (well I found it funny!). Lester offers him 3 dollars, 4… 5 dollars, and then the store keeper, who is frankly unamused by his pitiful offers, tells him “I’ll give it to you for 50, and I’ll throw in that here shotgun in for free, and some bullet”. That was a paraphrase – I can’t remember exactly his words – I’m not an audible Rainman damn it!

I call shotgun…

So what else happened? Oh yeah – Lester is in the jail cell, ain’t he? That’s where the last eppy finished off last time. And Lester ain’t looking too great. He’s sweating like a mutha fucka, like he’s eaten the world’s hotist chilli, like he just had the runs, like… you get the gist. You know why he’s in this bad way, don’t you: he’s trapped in the cell with the deaf guy and his bearded friend (I should really try and remember their names, shouldn’t I? Nah – F it!). And the bearded one gets all the details out of Lester that he needs – more specifically, he gets the name of the person Lester knows who killed their late boss, Hess. One name: Lorne Malvo. Or at least, he thinks that’s his name (he’s right, the spineless grass!) The two man motley crew leave Lester (they got bailed out), and Lester starts having flashbacks of the recent events – flickering, tramatic events.

Please don’t hurt me.

The sheriff and Deputy Molly come to visit Lester in jail, but he can’t respond to them on the accounts that he’s having flashbacks, and is not [himself] personally present in the room – only his body. They rush him to the hospital in an ambulance, like good law abiding officers. Molly, in the back with Lester, is a crafty bugger, and tries to weed information out of Lester – she’s taking advantage of his whacked out state of mind, and is trying to get him to confess to some shit. And at the hospital, he finds out from the nurse that Lester had a shotgun pellet lodged in his hand, and that’s why it was all puffy, gross, and infected. I like how, in the beginning of that scene, how the vending machine gobbled up her change. I hate it when that happens. I remember when that happened to me, ages ago mind you, and then I kicked the machine, and then the chocolate bar came tumbling out of to the bottom; and when I unwrapped that Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (other choco bars at available – visit your local newsagents for some proof) the chocolate had congealed. It wasn’t the best chocolate I’ve even bitten into. I still remember it, which it weird; but what’s even weirder is how I’ve rambled on a tad too much on a relevant subject, and a negligible one at that. If you’re reading this (and you’ll know if you have, because you would have just done so)…. I’m so sorry. Not…

I’ll leave you on a little bugbear I had on this episode: why-o-why did Deputy Molly leave the back of Lester’s washer-dryer open? He managed to open it up, hoping to find evidence (soz Mol – he moved that hammer), but she never bothered to leave it like it was. It’s like she wants Lester to know she broke into his house whilst he was in hospital. Oh, and another thing – who leaves the key under their outside doormat, Lester? Jesus Christ – make it easy for the criminal/criminal policelady why don’t ya. Okay, rant over – tune in tomorz, or the next day, when I write more bollock on something I’ve recently scene on the screen that I like to term “the moving painting on the wall downstairs. Peace mofo!

God damn it, Molly!


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