Fargo – Season 1, Episode 4 (Review)

How FAR can this murder mystery GO, that is the question; and no – I’m not shakespere. I am a BEAR – check out my username: bearfilmreview. Read it! Read it again. And now stare at it. Let it burn into your retina until when you blink and look away, staring at your BEAR/bare walls all around your room, all your see is that word. And it is a word because there are no spaces! Okay, that’s enough insanity – let’s crack on with another review instalment of the Fargo series…

For the opening scene, we travel back to 1987, down the snowbound road of yesterday, in the sleepy outskirts of the sleepy town in Minnesota. A car breaks down. In the car is a younger version of Stavros. His wife is not please and is pissed, thinking her baby son is going to freeze to death. A truck drives towards their vechile, and Stavros flails his arms about in the road to get it’s attention. The darn driver just drives past, sounding his horn. How horrid!

But wait! What’s that Stavos can see in the distance, by the metal fence? What is that sticking out from the snow, he wonders. Walking up to it, he pulls the thing out from the ground, then discovers that there is a bag containing a bank-full of money in there. He gets back in the car and goes, “There really is a god.”

Jesus-Mary-Mother-of-God – It’s MOAN-EE!! (circa 1987)

By chance, the policeman in the different branch to Molly (soz – I forget his name. So sue me. Actually, don’t – I’m poor) stumbles upon Lorne on one of his drives. Lorne immediately comes his hair to the side, buttons up his shirt, and takes on the innocent, minister identity. You know – the identity he stole when he unravelled that parcel in the post office.

At the police station, he gets interrogated by that police officer’s boss (turns out, the police officer is only in charge of pet patrol) and the sheriff, aka Molly’s boss. Deputy Molly was meant to be the one who the officer wanted to come over to his branch, but being the big mouth she is, Molly tells all about what’s just happened to the Sheriff, and he not likely that, nuh-uh.

When I say “interrogated”, what I mean is – neither cop was smart enough to call the “minister’s” bluff, and soon enough, let him off the hook. I loved the unshapely glasses on his head too, and the smile he gives the officer through the interrogation viewing window was priceless. And so was the fact the officer said exactly what Lorne had predicted he would say (but at the time, in the cop car, it seemed like a threat).


And then there’s Lester. Poor old Lester – the deaf guy and his friend/interpretor (but slowly becoming less and less a friend by the minute), capture him on the street. They merely, nonchalantly piled Lester into the bootof their car, and then drive off. Whilst in the boot, he rings up his younger brother, but then bails on him and tells him that the story he’d just told him was a complete fabrication and a prank. Lester did this because he was afraid his brother was about to call the police.

Remember where the fat office man got dumped? Well, we return to that patch of ice land (no, not the shop – right Peter?) and this time, it’s Lester’s turn to freeze in the chilly waters. But Lester, being resourceful as he is, stole his brother’s taser from the basement. And when the bearded fellow isn’t paying complete attention, he stuns him with his stun gun. And the deaf one, drilling the hole in the ground doesn’t hear him because: A. he’s deaf, and B. yup, you guessed it – he’s DEAF (caps lock on, in case you didn’t hear that). Lester runs through the dense woods, and onto a road, where a policeman was investigating an abandoned car. Lester wants a lift into town to get away from the guys who think he killed Hess (which, as we know, was Lorne’s doing – he put a knife into the back of his head as he was banging so pole dancer/hooker in the backroom of a strip club). He resorts to punching the cop on his conk, and then the policeman (a dozy one, at that) has to now arrest him. 

It’s taser time

And the episode concludes with the deaf guy and his bearded chum, scrapping in a bar, and getting thrown in jail. And who happens to be in the cell with them? Why of course, it had to be Lester. Poor sod.


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