Fargo – Season 1, Episode 3 (Review)

I’ll admit, it took me and minute or two to catch on with what was happening at the start of season 3: a chunky-clunky guy getting dragged out of his office cubicle, past his work colleagues, and into the car park where he is stripped bare, par the underwear (he had beautiful underwear!) and thrown into the back of a car. Oh yeah, I should have mentioned who’s doing the dragging here (and by the poor sod’s tie as well): it’s our good friend, Mr nice guy himself, Lorne, the hitman. After this all happens, we come to the scene at the start of episode one, and I’m thinking, “Ohhhhhh, I get it now – very clever.” Yes people – we are being shown what happened before Lorne and Lester met by chance at the hospital, and before all hell broke loose in this quiet, sleepy, snowy, humdrum town in Minnesota.

But why the devil do they shown me what took place before the first episode began? Why confuse and befuddle little old me to almost lose the plot (emphasis on the word ALMOST!!!)?? Well, it becomes clear later why this is shown at the start of the episode when Deputy Molly goes to visit Lester at his work (yes, even his workmates were surprised he’d returned only days after his dear, dear wife got killed). Whilst Molly’s there, pretending to want some insurance, she “accidentally” nudges off her case file onto the floor. Lester, being in the tricky situation he’s in right now, offers to help pick up the file. The papers inside the file can be seen by him, with the top photo showing Lorne, dragging the chubby office worker out of the building by his own tie. (Hilarious if you ask me how straight-faced o’ Billy Bobby does this scene.) Of course, Deputy Molly has just set Lester up to see how he reacts when he sees the photo of Lorne, as Molly has a hunch the two of them know each other somehow. Sheriff is peeved by Molly’s downright dirty tactics, and tells her again to leave Lester, the widower alone as he has suffered enough. But not enough of him to go on a job visit to a client’s house.

Lester goes to see Hess’s widow, Gina, whom is eager to get her late husband’s money by any means possible. She proves this by asking him “What’s a girl gotta do” and then positioning her crotch right up in his face, with her leg up over his shoulder on the chair. This results in one of her dim-witted sons seeing this through the window, and then accidentally firing an arrow into his brother’s ass with his crossbow.

Other things that happen in this episode: Lorne blackmailing Stavros for more money (even though he’s working for him to find the blackmailer), switching his pills for amphetamines, and sliting the throat his rockwelller, King. And he even manages to get Stavros to let him live at the property, so that he can catch the blackmailer when he turns up again (har har). And Lester is being hassled by the mute guy and his interpretor at his work – luckily Molly came at the door just in time.

So, that’s what happened in this episode. I’m still amazed Lester is allowed back in his house when the crime scene hasn’t been cleaned up, and that the Sheriff is willing to turn a blind eye to Lester going back to work so early. No doubt his is a highly entertaining show, but maybe they should retitle it, Farcego, instead of Fargo. I’m just saying…

Roll on episode 4!

Oh Molly, you aren’t just about to knock over that file on your right-hand side, are you?

Lester, in another sticky situation.


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