Introductory BEAR Hello (from cave)

This blog is all about FILMS FILMS FILMS!!! – my feelings and interpretations towards them.         ~ A BEAR

Greetings!!! (from an undisclosed location). I am incognito and will be for a very, very  long time. It doesn’t matter why I am in hiding, or what I am hiding from. I repeat: IT DOESN’T MATTER!!! …Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you, please forgive me? Good. Let’s move on. I am living in a cave – that is all I am willing to say for now. My name is ****, but for the sake of my safety, I will go by the pseudonym: BEAR. This is very apt as I am indeed a BEAR, and indeed creative with my wordplay (N.B there are thousands of BEARS in the world, so what chance have they to find me… *laughs gradually more unconvincingly to oneself*)

Because of my insomniac tendencies, I have lost the ability to hibernate at all, and now rely on the BEARilliance of human peoples posing in front of things that record life (Kam-ma-ma-rahz?). Films! Movies! I love them. If I could, I would BEARhug all my DVDs to death. But of course, DVDs are not living entities in themselves – they just exist in this reality. In another life/dimension, I believe there’s a human ‘me’, trying to communicate with BEAR ‘yous’ (like that guy in Grizzly Man)… but what we have in this life will suffice for now.

You might think it strange for a BEAR to blog, or for a BEAR to be interested in films, or for a BEAR to want to interact over the internet with human people… but life is strange, and I’m strange, and you’re strange, and we should bond over shared passions, forgetting our problems and fears, and just unite through the love of films.  ~ Another quote from BEAR

I should explain briefly why I–a BEAR–can talk like Yogi BEAR. Firstly, I’m typing, not talking. Secondly, Yogi BEAR is a fictional character, a cartoon LIE! This BEAR is real, people! I have an emotional craving for films, DVDs (sometimes, I eat them like Quavers). Intellectually speaking, I am abnormally advanced for a BEAR, and this came about because I was experimented on by a mad fu… I’ve said too much…

Basically, this blog is dedicated to films, from a BEAR who loves all kinds of movies. So please BEAR with, as it is kinda hard to type with phat clunky claws in need of a manicure.

That is the intro. over – from this point onwards it’ll be BEAR VS. FILM… BEAR CRITIQUES MOVIES, BEAR EATS DVDS, etceteRO0O0OOAAAAAHHhhhh!!!!. That is all. Peace!

(Please note, any pictures of bears in this blog ARE NOT OF ME!!!! They are a representation. Period.)


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